A notepad style calculator with line-by-line evaluation.

Link https://blog.perryizgr8.com/typecalc

Code repository https://github.com/perryizgr8/typecalc

IPsec overhead calculator

Calculate the overhead when you encrypt a packet using IPsec.

Link https://ipsec-overhead-calculator.web.app

Code repository https://github.com/perryizgr8/ipsec-overhead-calculator

Adjust for inflation

Find out the buying power of the Indian Rupee ₹ over time. Read my blog post about it.

Link https://blog.perryizgr8.com/adjust-for-inflation

Code repository https://github.com/perryizgr8/adjust-for-inflation

Monitoring internet speed with a Raspberry Pi

Read about my attempts to monitor my home internet speed using a Raspberry Pi.

Link https://blog.perryizgr8.com/raspberry-pi/2020/09/20/monitoring-speed-rpi.html

Track ping RTT to websites using a Raspberry Pi

Tracking the latency from your home internet connection to popular websites using a Raspberry Pi.

Link https://blog.perryizgr8.com/raspberry-pi/2021/01/06/track-ping-rtt-part1.html

Code repository https://github.com/perryizgr8/pinger

How accurate is the forecast?

Measuring the accuracy of weather prediction in Banglore over the last 5 days. Unfortunately the website is now offline.

Link http://howaccurateistheforecast.in

Code repository https://github.com/perryizgr8/forecast-accuracy

Hanuman Chalisa PWA

Read the Hanuman Chalisa, with automatic dark mode and installable as a PWA.

Link https://blog.perryizgr8.com/hanuman-chalisa

Code repository https://github.com/perryizgr8/hanuman-chalisa


WinForms app to inject spurious ARP packets into your local network. Usually forces the target device to disconnect from the WiFi network.

Code repository https://github.com/perryizgr8/ARPer


Simple converter between Indian and American number units.

Link https://blog.perryizgr8.com/crores-to-millions

Code repository https://github.com/perryizgr8/crores-to-millions

Simple gRPC server and client

An example of a Go server and Python client communicating among themselves using gRPC and protobufs.

Code repository https://github.com/perryizgr8/gorpc