Ever since I started using a Macbook as my work laptop, I’ve been getting irritated by this feature. It blurs the line between feature and bug, to be honest.

Suppose I have a reference open in Chrome, and I search for a term foo on the page using Cmd+F. Now, reading the text, I find out that I need to go and change the bar function in my code. So I Cmd+Tab to my editor, and Cmd+F for bar, and start changing my code.

Halfway through, I want to re-read something in the reference, so I Cmd+Tab back to Chrome, but now Chrome has put bar in the find box and I’m somewhere else on the page! Time to get out of my code and try to recall what I had used as the search term here.

This is such a bad design that I absolutely don’t understand why anybody would think this is a good idea. Apparently some people on the internet seem to love it though. And Apple engineers found it important enough to include in their OS. I just wish they would have given an option to turn it off.